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ODDLY revamps deepening partnership with Echelon Media

ODDLY launched the latest revamp of the website.  EN is one of Sri Lanka’s leading news and current affairs websites with a six figure monthly user base. Having a reputation for pithy analysis, in-depth business news reporting  and impactful storytelling economy next has become a part of Sri Lanka’s business landscape. 

This is the start of a deeper partnership between ODDLY and Echelon Media as it’s product design partner.  Echelon Media is the parent company behind as well as the publisher of leading business magazine Echelon.

ODDLY’s service offering to the company includes creating a design system based approach to the entire portfolio of Echelon Media’s websites.  ODDLY plays the role of guiding the company through its product design journey with regular design workshops, making iterative improvements through analysing user data.

The newly revamped website has a user friendly interface with visual aesthetic and easy for the eyes and easy to use functionality with a mobile-first optimized user experience.  

ODDLY has a process that’s honed with years of experience which the leadership team brings to the table, and our focus on UX is unique in the Sri Lankan market.

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