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A UK-based start-up that provides a platform for Independent Wealth Managers to find and manage clients.

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01 Problem

WELREX wanted to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that allowed independent wealth managers to connect with potential wealth owners.  The client had a particular visual direction they wanted to implement.

02 Approach

We ran a two-day remote design sprint to align the client requirements and settle on wireframes, and a testable prototype for both the marketing website and the product development.

03 Solution

Given the immediate requirement was for an MVP that allows the client for quicker time to market to prove their business idea, ODDLY developed both the marketing website and the product on WordPress, reducing built time and costs.

A Preview

WordPress as an application framework

Our team has expert wordpress engineers, that allows us to quickly build out product ideas for Minimal Viable Products (MVPs). WordPress’s advanced headless features, including rest APIs, availability of ready-made plugins for specific applications makes it a useful MVP-building tool. This is particularly useful where the emphasis on testing the viability of a product idea, and not scale.

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