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Resurj is a global alliance of young feminists from the global South headquartered in the U.S., working for sexual and reproductive justice through feminist accountability, community building, and environmental care.

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01 Problem

Resurj had an outdated website that was difficult to update, it had a complicated navigation structure and wasn’t achieving the advocacy objectives of the organization.

02 Approach

It was clear the website needed a redesign.  We started with a content audit with the Resurj team, researching their users, working together on a revised information architecture, and detailed wireframes before working with illustrators to create a new visual language for Resurj. 

03 Solution

We understood  that the new redesign should not only be just a visual refresh for Resurj, but should be a digital product that puts into practice the values of the organization.  Early on we focused on equity-centered design principles, prioritizing accessibility with WCAG 2.0 guidelines.  The website was put on a custom-built WordPress Content Management System, allowing for greater flexibility and performance than theme-based websites.

A Preview

Information Architecture

“Design without content is just decoration” – Jeffrey Zeldman.  When we start a complicated project at ODDLY, we always start with the content.  A content audit, and properly structuring the content on a wireframe gives us the clarity to move towards visual design and helps us speed up the backend development. 

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