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Air Quality LK

Sri Lanka’s first integrated platform to measure air quality using low-cost sensors across the island.

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01 Problem

How might we create a platform that makes the quality of air a topic of national importance?

02 Approach

ODDLY worked with an API platform provider to read air quality readings from low-cost sensors. Having cleared out the technical challenges, we ran a design sprint with domain experts to arrive at a prototype that allowed us to test our assumptions with potential users.

03 Solution

The mapping system was built on the MAPBOX API, allowing us to make use of the advanced interactive features, search whilst maintaining a higher degree of control on the visual elements.

A Preview

Prototype and Test

Prototyping product designs helps us to identify design flaws early on, saving time and resources. Testing it with actual users provides valuable feedback to refine and improve the design, leading to a more successful final product.

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