Skip links wins gold at Best web 2022, the website that has been at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s battle against misinformation, has been recognized for its excellence in the digital world. The website, which is run by Verite Research, a leading think tank in Asia, was honored with three awards at the annual Best Web LK awards ceremony held in August 2022.

The website clinched the gold award for the most popular website, along with two more accolades in the best non-profit website and best Citizen services category. This recognition is a testament to the quality of the work that has been doing to ensure the accuracy of news and information in Sri Lanka.

ODDLY, the pioneering product design consultancy firm in Sri Lanka, played a pivotal role in the development of The firm worked closely with Verite Research to design and develop the website earlier this year, as part of its ongoing product strategy consultancy services.

ODDLY has a track record of working with non-profit organizations, think tanks, and other mission-driven entities. The firm specializes in providing user experience consultancy, product design, and product strategy consultancy services to its clients. ODDLY’s work with Verite Research extends beyond, having provided product strategy consultancy for the think tank’s Public and platforms.

The awards won by are a significant recognition of the tireless efforts put in by the team behind the website to provide accurate and reliable information to the people of Sri Lanka. The project is part of the ongoing partnership between Verite Research and ODDLY that provides product strategy consultancy for Verite’s digital platforms on an ongoing basis.

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