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Advocata launches SOE.LK, a new digital platform for government accountability

Advocata, a think tank based in Sri Lanka, has recently launched SOE.LK, a new platform that aims to drive accountability for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the country. The platform was developed with the help of ODDLY, Sri Lanka’s top User Experience (UX) consultancy, who provided product design and engineering services in the conception, design, and development of the platform.

SOE.LK is a much-needed tool for promoting transparency and accountability in the operations of SOEs in Sri Lanka. It allows users to access information on SOEs in the country, including their performance, financials, and key personnel. The platform also provides a space for users to submit complaints and feedback on SOE operations.

ODDLY played a crucial role in the development of SOE.LK, utilizing their expertise in product design and engineering to create a user-friendly platform that promotes accountability and transparency. The team worked closely with Advocata throughout the development process to ensure that the platform met the needs of its users and was effective in achieving its objectives.

ODDLY has a strong track record of working in the non-profit sector, providing services to NGOs, think tanks, and other mission-driven organizations. The company is committed to promoting innovation and social impact through its work, and its partnership with Advocata on the development of SOE.LK is a testament to this commitment.

The launch of SOE.LK marks an important milestone in the fight for transparency and accountability in Sri Lanka’s SOEs. With the help of ODDLY and other partners, Advocata hopes to continue pushing for greater accountability and transparency in the operations of these critical institutions.

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